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We are glad to offer you the best dump outlet service - xxldumps.su

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We are in the market for some years. Our dumps established a reputation as high-qualified and we are following the admissible pricing policy. We are offering high respect and only good dumps to our customers.

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Particularities of our service: - High-percent valid dumps! - Freshest bases (tr2, tr1+tr2)! - WEEKLY updates! - Lowest prices for stuff of such quality! - We are not resellers of somebody else dumps Ė thatís why all articles will be sold only to you! - Positioning at the USís dumps, but Asian and European dumps are also sometimes available. - We are not checking dumps before a deal, because we are sure in quality of our dumps and you will become an owner of really effective stuff.


- Western Union (minimum 250$ ) - MoneyGram (minimum 250$ ) - For WU and MG outputting is 5 minutes to 12 hours (depending of time when we have received MTCN) - Bitcoin and Perfect Money (minimum 20$ ) - INSTANT DELIVERY

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- Western Union and Money Gram DROP FEE 10% /// Bitcoin and Perfect Money EXCHANGER FEE 5%!


- REPLACE among 12 hours after purchase - WE NEVER replace twice same order, try to fool US - INSTANT IGNORE! - WE NEVER provide Test / Sample / Dumps + PIN! - WE NEVER make REFUND, ONLY REPLACE! - WE CAN NOT guarantee limits and amounts on dumps! Orders will be sent via shorttext.com, privnote.com, privatepaste.com, sendspace.com or email.


- To get replacements customer MUST send back file with non-working dumps (ONLY bad pcs) - Customer may use for this purpose shorttext.com, privnote.com, privatepaste.com or sendspace.com, we will will check these pieces ON CHECKER and change the bad ones. - No PROPER report within 12 hours = No Replacement

Attention - If someone send TRACKS/DUMPS DIRECTLY in icq chat he got: - First time WARN - Next time IGNORE and No replacement! If You don't care about your and my SECURITY - I will do the same with our PARTNERSHIP! Think a little bit, because lots of you guys start thinking only in Jail!

Joker rekoJ - ICQ 555554

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